Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCaffrey not attending Albacon due to health

Author Anne McCaffrey's health continues to decline. Recent reports including this one in SF Scope has her missing the upcoming Northeast US science fiction convention Albacon. Cited reasons are as suspected - she is staying home to protect her health. The good news is that Son Todd is making appearances in her stead.

I for one hope that this health problem is a transient thing and Mz. McCaffrey will be well enough to venture out in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Anne McCaffrey did not attend
Albacon, rumor has she had a minor
stroke. I wish her luck
and hope for better health.

Paul said...

Ouch! Man, that is a place I wasn't prepared to go. I could have handled tired and wanting to stay warm in Dragon Hold.( did I get that right? she calls her home a hold right?) I guess minor isn't so bad as it could have been. Still and all even contemplating a world without Anne is an unsettling experience. I hope she is doing better.