Monday, October 06, 2008

Sharpest image of Jupiter ever taken from Earth

Not science fiction but just pure science that make you go wow! Boing Boing reports of an effort to take the highest resolution photo of the planet Jupiter. It was snapped with a telescope using special adaptive optics to reduce fuzz. From National Geographic: [the image was] captured using a new computer-assisted process and a 27-foot (8.2-meter) telescope in Chile, the result is sharp enough to show features as small as 180 miles (300 kilometers) across... ESO comments on how the image was obtained: This false colour photo is the combination of a series of images taken over a time span of about 20 minutes, through three different filters.

Click the link below or the photo of Jupiter to see the full
hi rez photo of Jupiter


John Anealio said...

That is really breath taking. Thanks for posting it.

Beam Me Up said...

Hey no prob John. One good turn deserves another! And I agree, breath taking. Plus damn impressive for a "small" telescope.

IGP Nicki said...

A bit better than I can get with my telescope! Seriously though, that's pretty damn cool!

Paul said...

It really is nicki. Oh and its miles better than mine! The thing is that every time someone says Earth based astronomy is dead we see something wonderful like this. Yeah it's more tech than the average back yard user has at their disposal but I suspect that some form will trickle down. A few years ago it was unheard of to have an amateur use a computer controlled digital ccd system. Now, not only can you have it, you can build it yourself with off the shelf hardware! Its coming my friends.