Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fox buys a whole season of Fringe

Just about everyone from TV Squad on down is plastering the blogosphere with the news that Fox Tv has made the move and has bought the remaining episodes for the first season if its' hit series Fringe. After just four episodes the show continues to gain an audience share making it the number one new show. For those of you that have not caught the program yet, its about an
BI Special Agent who during an investigation is asked to be part of an inter-agency task force. With the help of an Einstein class genius who just happened to be in a mental hospital for 17 years, his estranged son whom he hasn't talked to for an equal amount of time, a Homeland Security Agent who seems to be part of a much larger secret agency and a multi billion dollar corporate executive that may be aiding but more likely is part of a huge conspiracy. The conspiracy? Think X Files only with weird science, corporate intrigue, time travel? and aliens (well maybe aliens...not sure what is going on yet)

I just couldn't get into XFiles but Fringe yanked me in and held my interest. Maybe it the strange quasi sceince that is uncovered from week to week. Big corporations fighting over scientific resources is nothing new, but a female corporate shark seems to spice things up. I am glad that Fox gave this strange/quirky new show an extention. It's worth the attention.

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