Friday, October 24, 2008

Copenhagen Suborbitals Heat - Cheap space ride?

Got the need to be suborbital? Not sure you can raise the 200 large for the ride? Well according to a recent article in Dvice: Copenhagen Suborbitals has a crazy plan to cram you into the nosecone of this minuscule missile, blasting you into space and returning you safely to Earth. (hey, we have heard that line before huh? ) The craft is named HEAT or Hybrid Exo Atmospheric Transporter, and it'll propel a human into space at a relatively gentle 3g force. The quarters will be cramped, with the astronaut strapped into the pressurized compartment so tightly, in a modified standing position, only limited arm movement will be possible. At present on the 1/3 scale sounding rocket has been built to test the engine. Check out the engine test on a static stand.

XLR-2 hybrid rocket motor test from Sonny W. on Vimeo.

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