Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dogs Like to Poop North to South...?

It would seem that all that sniffin' and spinnin' before your dog does his "duty" is more than just an annoying ritual, it would seem that your pet pooch poopin' preference is north to south.  Think of it as the doggy version of a compass spinning before it settles down...which just begs the question that if you were lost in the woods with poochie and no compass....couldn't you just wait for your compass canine to relieve itself a couple of time and just line up the twin peaks to determine north.....     and then well you are on your way....  my anime friend just said he is going to name his next dog Compass....oh that is just tooooooooooo good! 

Ok lets get serious here....The data comes from German and Czech researchers, who spent two years watching numerous dogs defecating and urinating.  They then compared the dogs' behavior and orientation with the geomagnetic conditions at the time.   They found that dogs preferred to poop while aligned in a north-south direction.  Curiously, females preferred to urinate in a north or south direction — males didn't show much preference.  

Wow talk about animal magnetism.....

For more ....... ummm info  check out the complete Live Science article  HERE

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