Tuesday, January 28, 2014

America's Next Shuttle?

Out in Jefferson County Colorado,  people have be seeing a strangely familiar  craft.  In fact this strange apparition is reminiscent of early prototypes of NASA's retired Space Shuttles.

What is it?  Its  Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser.  A space going craft that would launch atop an Atlas V rocket and carrying up to seven astronauts to or from space, along with cargo.

Much of what makes the Dream Chaser unique is that its mission parameters are what was envisioned by NASA for its STS.  The craft is reusable,   quick turn around, plus something the shuttles could not do which was to use a variety of airport solutions because of its robust cross range making many airports useable instead of being locked in as the shuttle was. 

Here are some short videos of tests that SNC's  Dream Chaser recently completed


Here is the link to SNC's main site HERE

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