Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BMU #395 Now Online

Well the Beam Me Up program made it to 395 without much of a hitch...But no matter what.. Ha!

This week, the show seems to bounce along and made a pretty fair showing if I do say so myself.....

After my opening comments I start off with a piece of fine pop rock that is the closing theme to Bubblegum Crisis. Which I follow up with the conclusion to Doug Turnbull's A Wondrous Gift.

Next I find some excellent Twilight Zone trivia. From the blog, Using Water to burn solid waste. In the 60s the Navy wanted an Iron Man exo-skeleton and you will never guess who they asked! Orbital Sciences Cygnus delivery vehicle successfully delivered it's cargo to ISS. Virgin's suborbital spacecraft has had a successful second burn. NASA shows off concept artwork of the SLS heavy lifting rocket. NASA wants to get the go ahead for visiting one of the weirdest asteroids in the belt.

The final story of the afternoon is Nancy Fulda's All or nothing.


Beam Me Up #395

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