Sunday, January 05, 2014

BMU #393 Is Now Online!

And it is Beam Me Up for another week.  This is episode 393 and I think you may just enjoy the mix.

First off, after my opening comments, I read Kallimus' comments of things that happened in 2013....he is really funny and costic in major servings this week.

Next, as a way to vent some of the pressure Kallimus built up, I play the opening theme song to Excel Saga...quite a catchy tune, if I must say.

The first story this week is a "Flash From The Past"  Robert Shea's The Helpful Robots, and this story holds up really well in the test of time.  I think you might agree.

News from the blog this week..... it would seem that time travelers don't really like  a really interesting DIY from Hack A Day using ultra sound to elevate really is fascinating,  It would seem that Russia wants to launch a mission to land a craft on the surface of Jupiter's moon Ganymede.  NASA's LRO managed to snap a pic of China's Chang'e lander and rover!  And NASA is "concerned" about the worsening space junk....and the Mars Express Orbiter managed to get and extremely close flyby of Phobos.

And Finally I play part 2 of Doug Turnbull's a Wondrous Gift.


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