Sunday, January 12, 2014

BMU # 394 is now online

Welcome to another weekend with Beam Me Up, this week, episode 394.

Getting right down to the nitty gritty, 394's stories are Trathh: Odinforce by David Scholes, which is the first story for the afternoon and A wondrous Gift pt3 by Doug Turnbull.

First after a few minor opening comments, I play Help! by Ayana Taketatsu.

I got to watch the live action Wolverine that seemed to have brought mixed reviews but if you ever saw the anime Wolverine you will get where a lot of this movie came from.

Then it is the first story David Scholes Trathh: Odinforce

I spend a few moments on the Beam Me Up Blog where we find that dogs have a poopin preference...and it is not where they prefer to do their duty but something much stranger!

Next NASA's NuStar observatory's latest photo, has to been seen to be is truly spectacular!

Finally, the ISS gets an reprieve. Funding now until the 2021 deadline.

And then on to the final story, part 3 of Doug Turnbull's A wondrous Gift.

That's it for another week.  Enjoy!

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