Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Burning Waste With Water...

That's right, burning waste using good ole H2O.  Yep, instead of putting out fires, NASA is experimenting on using water to burn liquid waste aboard the ISS.

Now I know you are saying that the last time you heard, water put out flames, but researchers have found a "super-critical" water that promotes combustion instead of halting it.     Researchers were able to create this "super-critical" water by compressing the fluid to 217 times that of  air pressure found at sea level and then heating the water to above 703 degrees Fahrenheit.  At that point, the water is neither liquid, solid or gas, researchers describe it as more of a liquid-like gas, that reacts when mixed with organics, oxidizing or "burning" the material, all without flames.  By-products are water and carbon dioxide.

Check out the Popular Science video below:

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