Sunday, September 30, 2012

Episode #333 is Now online

Another Week, and another episode of Beam Me Up.  This week is episode 333!  Plenty of stuff to get you thinking this week.

I open with Symphony of Science’s newest track.  A very well done track called “We Can Change the World – Our Biggest Challenge”  which deals with global warming.  

As a tie-in to this song I read editor Kallamis' rant on the lack of general understanding of even the most basic of scientific phenomena, in this case, the phases of the moon and the “new” moon in particular.  It would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

First break of the afternoon is a new episode of our telepathic detective of New Eden,  Jack Garrett in episode twelve “The Fearful Dead” by Jason Kahn.  Garrett's world continues to get more complicated and even stranger and dangerous often at the same time.  People are dying and something is feeding, but what....

And of course, what would a week be like without a visit to the Star Trek universe and two new questions this week.

Next from the folks over at the Earth Sky website report that scientists are rethinking the “goldilocks” zone where life might exist with liquid water. 

 Curiosity has uncovered evidence of liquid running water at some point in Martian history in the form of an ancient stream bed.  This is great news for the proponents of Mars being a wet world at some point in its' history.  

This week's review is a dvd of the move “Priest” which tries to be a lot of things to a lot of people.  Motorcycles, stream trains, steam punk, big guns, vampires and much more.   Is it as bad as it sounds? Well, catch my review...

For the final act of the afternoon.....part six of Ed McKeown's ever so excellent novelette “The Dive” This week, plans are formed and set into action to hopefully stop the invasion of the horrific beings from the underworld. 

That about winds it up!  I think you will agree that this week is an excellent episode. 


kallamis said...

Nice show.
Actually managed to catch it at the podcast this week, instead of not catching up till Wednesday or so.

Beam Me Up said...

oh you make me blush! Thanks...I figure the average user was hit like a stun guy after the opening, but it did feel good this week. Thanks for your comments and input