Friday, September 07, 2012

Terry Crews Takes the Ole Spice Weirdness one Step Around the Bend!

ok, not Science fiction or even science, but those of you that have followed me here and on the program know that at time I just get.....well I am not even sure of the definition, but suffice it to say, when it happens, the weirder the better.

Now if you have seen the Ole Spice deodorant commercials featuring Terry Crews you have experienced a special kind of weird hilarity. Crews has played everything from a muscle bound foot ball lineman, a psychotic killer to a frazzled family man. One of Crews' "talents" is almost superhuman control of single muscle groups, being able to isolate and flex with total concentration.

Well it was bound to happen and rejoice in the madness for Crews has devised a one man band for remix. Transdermal patches pick up the muscle activity and translate it to mechanical energy, which is used to play musical instruments. Between Crews demeanor and the macabre interconnection and Crews remix rap, the end effect is disturbing and funny at the same time.

And to think that it continues after the film to a fully inter-active remix only leads to the total weirdness. Check it out and be prepared to be affected for some time to come.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

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