Sunday, September 02, 2012

REBOOT directed by Andrew McMurry

I found this really top shelf short film in my YouTube subscriptions. It is called "Reboot" posted by Backyardpictures2. He writes:

  • This is a short film I helped make for the Little Rock 2012 48-Hour Film Project.
  • Two guys discover an oddity in the world that is related to technology (and its creators).
  • Directed by Andrew "AndrewMfilms" McMurry, who received the award for Best Directing for this film at the "Best Of 48-Hr" screening.

If you didn't know it was a fast made film, well hell even now that you do, you will have to admit that this is pretty damn entertaining. A bit derivative perhaps, but I have seen high budget films that were vastly more derivative than this, so this is a thumbs up. Enjoy!


kallamis said...

Agreed. (Amazing I even found time to watch it this month.)
I have seen big budget class A movies that were a hell of a lot more derivative than this is.
Not bad at all actually. Pretty damn good.
And if I get really really lucky, maybe at 4am this week, I'll get to catch the podcast.
How the bloody hell did I get so busy all of a sudden.

Beam Me Up said...

yep, I am working more hours now, retired, than I did as a 9 to 5er! But then I was always like that! I am much happier when I run my own than doing it for someone else. Even volunteering at the station 1 hour a week sometimes chafe (I know...starting to sound more "challenged" than I really am! lol) But it is true. Not so long ago I was teaching A.E. several nights a week for a couple hours a night on several different subjects. Plus the radio / podcast and the prep time and filling in around that will small repair (computers and that ilk mostly but not completely)and then wondering why I was tired all the time... I have always said that I will still be working on something five hours after I have died...just haven't found enough time to lay down yet....

Beam Me Up said...

Love it! Ha! I swear to whatever supreme being you acknowledge that I almost got into a fist fight with a gent who said... wait for it....the damn tree DOES make a noise! and the animal activist who argued the point that this gentleman who put the cat in the radioactive box should be put in jail...
anymore seats left?

But by that token I did find a different way to demonstrate Schrodinger's thought exercise. Still we have a box. The box is clearly marked chocolates. I state that I have eaten some of the chocolates but there are some left. I also acknowledge that I have been known to lie on occasion and may even replaced a piece of chocolate with a bean say. Without shaking the box, there either is or is not chocolate in the box. Until you open the box you can not be absolutely certain that it is either empty, with chocolate or a bean. Granted the bean may be superfluous.