Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Would I wear a WHAT?!!!

Ok people, by now you have all seen these goofy ears that are the rage in Japan, I guess.  You can wiggle them and flop one just by thinking of it.

Well if you thought that was the end of ie, think again.   Here is a "concept" video for of all things a wagging tail!  This device somehow reads your "emotions" and wags accordingly.  I am serious!  Don't believe this p.o.c. (proof of concept) commercial:


kallamis said...

Okay, lets be honest here about this. Japanese ladies wearing ears and tails I actually find kind of hot. (Okay, I have a certain love affair with japan.)
But not here in america. We'd look like idiots.
But then I've always kind of had a thing for the cat race females. Yeah I know. I blame star trek and green skinned slave girls. It's all Gene's fault how I am.
But a wagging tail. Why don't they just get on with it, and give us our female androids at last. Ordered to our unique specifications of course. Meaning race and style, not the other things you pervs. Okay, I should maybe aim that last comment at myself as well.

kallamis said...

Just watched that vid again.
Yeah, there is no way that the GF will ever agree on moving to japan. Unless she locks me in a closet that is maybe.
And see, the wagging tail works for her. Everything seems to work for them women over there. They are just do smegging cute. Yes, I said cute, so as not to look like an ignoramus with his tongue hanging out here.
Hey, that fits to the tail though.

Beam Me Up said...

you too huh Kall?
Oh yeah, I watched that tail....back and forth....nothing subliminal there nope nope nope. And you HAD to bring up the Cat race female thing.. Chanur race...yep....and I am trying desperately to remember the race of cat like beings who were in the steam era when humans discovered them. Humans and this race had a war because of a misunderstanding so humans live on an island and the only contact is specially trained envoys. And one of them falls for his bodyguard....let you mind run with that....and before you ask...yes dammit that IS why I read the series!!