Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Priest

Priest Directed by Scott Stewart Starring Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Lily Collins, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q

 Mark comes through again with a movie that I never thought I would watch, matter of fact I don’t even remember this one. which is kind of a shame.

Priest is set in a future but I would guess a parallel universe. Their present would be sometime in our distant future. However they seemed to have fought a war with beings that they call vampires (but unlike any vampires in our universe) that regressed the world to something along the lines of our late 1800s but with a mixture of high tech but tech that has all but disintegrated.

The “church” is now the only protector against the outside world and their elite enforcers are a small group of warrior priests.

This world has no concept of human vampires no, their vampires are animals of the night that eat and drink human flesh and blood. They are supposed to be wiped out, but when one of the Priests discovers that this is not the case, he goes against the church to go out and fight them once again and the church sends out the rest of the priests to stop him.

The balance of the movie is the Priest finding the ultra baddy and that is a surprise and then there are invasions of hives, fights, trains...pretty formula stuff but it does work. Ultra-modern motorcycles and 18th century trains. Definitely an alternative reality or dimension.

Extra are not all that much to scream about. However there are some extended scenes, deleted scenes and some commentary. I can’t say the movie is a blockbuster but it’s not crap either. The world is well realized and they don’t seem to break all that many of the “law” they set up, so that makes the movie a 7.5 and extras are 8 for an overall of 15.5 for a 7.75 oh hell call it a 7.8 which is fair. Recommendation? If you haven’t anything else to watch, this will give you something to think about. Yeah, watch it...borrow it but I wouldn’t buy it, not even if I was into vampires.

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