Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Trek - Shatner and Nimoy 1966 Interviews

Xnewsman sends in some Star Trek gold. Interviews from 1966 of Shatner and Nemoy as the liner says:

  • at the very early stages of the original Star Trek TV show from 1966..


Charles said...

Used to watch ST show on little black in white tv. My first after getting married at 18. My son Alan would watch it with me when he came a long later.

Beam Me Up said...

Great memory! I was 12 when it started and the first couple of episodes thrilled and scared me to death! It was so ahead of its' time and so influenced by the tech of the time. Computers were big, therefor a star ship's computer has to be huge and then they build a ship around it! Not to mention the fantastic warp drives....