Friday, January 06, 2012

Experiment Succeeds in Hiding Object in Time

Wow, forget about just hiding under an invisibility cloak.
Yep old news! In an article in Nature: Scientists have successfully hidden an object in both space and time. That is right, that second word is time. Think about it....any thing put in this device, for a moment in time, does not exist. That send the creepy crawlies up the spine? Next question is how de do dat? Right? Ok, so, from the article:

  • The technique relies on what's known as a split-time lens to create a temporal hole. A beam of light is pushed through the lens, which speeds up the travel of the fast moving blue light, and slows down the comparatively sluggish red, leaving a gap in the middle — a gap ripe for exploitation. The light is recombined on the other side, and for a window of trillionths of a second, whatever goes on in that gap is undetectable.
Whatever is in the gap should react with the light right?  Nope....nada, nichts, nothing.  The light come out of the device as it went in, none the worst for wear,  so for a fraction of a second, our temporal traveler was just not there. 


GALCHO said...

I heard DARPA is involved in this project

Beam Me Up said...

so that's where they are hiding the Apollo 18 crew!

No really Galcho, I suspect DARPA has its' little grubbies in just about every cutting edge work going on.....