Friday, January 06, 2012

Sometimes NASA Can Be One Big Dick!

Hey, check this out! Jim Lovell, yep THAT Jim Lovell has some stuff left over from that flight. You know the one. The something in question is a single notebook page with a checklist on it plus some calculations that were used to save battery life among other things that were instrumental in saving ship and crew. Now after all these years NASA has never professed any interest in this page. So Mr. Lovell sells it. NOW NASA say no. WTF!? I love this line from the Gizmodo article:
  • The reality is that NASA has lost or destroyed countless data reels and documents from the Apollo years. Gone, forfuckingever!
Matter of fact NASA has a policy of systematic distruction of watches, gloves and different pieces of hardware!  They still can't find all of the Apollo 8 tapes and the ones they DO have they can't read anymore because they junked the players for those tapes!!!  The last Saturn 5 is laying where they dropped it rusting right into the ground!  So don't give me the bs line that they are worried about posterity, ain't gonna work.   So what line ARE they using?  NASA says there's "nothing to indicate" that the ownership of the page was transferred to Lovell.  How damn insulting is that?!!!  What Lovell is selling stolen notebook pages?!!!

 Mz Shafer, please get your head  out of your deep dark smelly and formulate a sane policy huh? 


Anonymous said...

A single page? suggests that it's a 70 page notebook that sold for $388,000.
This is not trivial pilfering.

If I take something from work and sell it for over a third of a million dollars I will go to jail for a long time.

Beam Me Up said...

we are really going to go there? Really? Pilfering? it the amount you have a problem with? Really?
So let me get this right....Mr. Lovell pilfered a notebook and then illegally sold this book for several thousands of dollars. Pretty much cover it Anon?


I stand by my comments.

Lynn said...

Didn't NASA lose the original moon landing tapes? They thought no one would want them......

Beam Me Up said...

Har! Dead on Lynn!

Anonymous said...

$380,000 does not equal "several thousands of dollars".
Stealing a car is felony theft. Stealing a dozen expensive new cars gets into the range of $380,000.

If anybody (outside of Wall Street) ever did the same thing he would be slammed in jail.
I get it that he did something stupendous that only a handful of people have ever done.
He was paid very handsomely for his service and has been lauded as a hero ever since.

When does it end? How serious a crime does he have to commit before it's OK to stop him? Taking something from your employer and selling it for hundreds of thousands of dollars is VERY serious felony theft.

I am an engineer. Every word I write in every one of my notebooks belongs to my employer. Every idea I conceive related to my project belongs to my employer. This is not a grey area.

If I take something from work and sell it for a third of a million dollars I will be put behind bars for many years. Why is he immune? Why does he get to commit felony theft and get away with it?

Beam Me Up said...

Crime....when is it OK to STOP him!!!! Really? I think to get an idea of just how outrageous a comment that is is to just change the name to say any other famous person dead or alive that we would put on the self same level....Lincoln mayhaps...I question first off if there WAS a crime and I won't load on with wholesale character assassination, no matter how attractive it might be for those of lesser imagination.

Read the original post that I reported. It is not a solitary position.

either way the conversation grows tiresome.