Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black Holes observed ejecting High Speed "Bullets" of Ionized Material

Science Daily blog reports some strange behavior from a group of black holes. Using a variety of satellites astronomers has identified the moment when a black hole in our galaxy launched super-fast knots of gas into space. And the speeds are truly phenomenal as well, approaching 25% C!  These packets seem to originate just outside the event horizon and seem to signal the start of a new accretion process.  

As the accretion events ramp up, infalling matter speeds up and heats up to a point where it begins to emit x-rays.   Physics shows that as this material crosses the event horizon, a portion is redirected to huge jets from each of the poles of the singularity.  This process is at times a bit untidy and instead of evenly flowing ionized particles, huge globules are ejected all at once at extremely high speeds.

The rest of this article is fascinating.  You can read it all here in the Science Daily blog

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