Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 257 of Beam Me Up

Episode 257 of Beam Me Up! Well for us it was a cold and damp day, so what better story to open with this week? With a story about bargaining with death that is what! Hey yeah! I open with a wry tale from Terry Pratchett called Death and what comes Next, where a mathematician tries to wrangle out of dying using physics on Death!

Before I go to the conclusion of Ted Kosmatka's story I spend a few moments in the Beam Me Up Blog: William Shatner narrates a tribute to the shuttle program for NASA. Then, have you seen who get a shuttle after the program comes to an end? Well a place that you would have thought was a shoe in isn't even in the running and it will floor you! Brent Spiner as you never seen him before (funny) in the first two episodes of Fresh Hell! Wanna hears something that will make you all gooey inside? Watchmen screenwriter David Hayter has been hired to write the script based on one of my all time favorite series! Oh and you will not believe who your relatives are...I mean, you REALLY won't! Astronomers have uncovered evidence that seems to point out that galaxies were formed much much earlier than ever expected! That and more from this week's blog entries.

This week's second story is the conclusion to Infall by Ted Kosmatka where we finally find out just exactly what faces our two combatants as the draw closer and closer to the event horizon of their destination, a monstrously huge and vastly ancient, black hole. The ending is one that is truly unexpected!

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