Saturday, April 09, 2011

Beam Me Up Episode 256

This week in episode 256 of Beam Me Up I start with a fast paced piece of music from Yu Kobiachi called Fight or Flight. This is the closing theme music for the anime series Dragonauts which is not really all that bad of a series. The “Dragons” are alive, but they are almost like living fightercraft with pilots which bond with them. It gets complicated, but has it’s moments.

The first story I play this week is episode 11 of the Dark InSpectre series by Jason Kahn and thing seem to be getting quite dicey for our favorite mind reading detective...., and I end this weeks program with part one of In Fall by Ted Kosmatka. A very mysterious tale of two men on a ship on the brink of an endless chasm, on young, the other old and both prisoners of their belief.

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