Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A truely unusual robot cockpit

Oh Gizmodo is going to be the ruination of me yet. But really... I have been good, I haven't made any scatological references in months, I haven't compared anyone's physiology to certain planetary objects in a year or better, and come on - if I didn't make at least one juvenile reference at lease once a month, you would suspect that I was what - ill and sick don't apply, we already know that - not myself?

Ok - so, when you think about it ( no strike that - I think I already broke something laughing) the placement does make a ..... ok I just can't do it.

This robot model, called Chubu 01, was designed by Kazushi Kobayashi in Japan - and I suspect that it was made with those people in mind who have a childish sense of humor. and sadly the kit is only availble in Japan.

Full photo layout on Boom.com of the model

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