Tuesday, January 06, 2009

9 a short film by Shane Acker

I really have to say that I really enjoy the short film venue. A whole cinematic vision has to be compressed into a perishlingly small framework - the hiku of the film world maybe.

Sometimes it fails miserably and then there are other times when the viewer is caught in the ultra bright beam that allows you to view the film-maker's vision.

Here is a prime example. A short film by Shane Acker, who has created a short film called 9. According to SF-Signal Acker is now expanding this concept into a feature length version that looks to be every bit as astounding as the short version.

As science fiction fan, we have seen many things that are astounding and wonderful and thought provoking, it's just they are not often all in the same package at the same time. It is with 9... enjoy

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