Saturday, January 24, 2009

Antipodean SF issue 128 is online!

The editor of AntipodeanSF tells me that issue 128 is now online for your reading pleasure.

Here is the selection of flash fiction stories in this month's issue:

Thumping Headache By Jill Smith
Aleeta screamed, "It's in my head again." She rocked back in her seat, then slumped forward - lifeless.

The Rebel By Julie Cohen Wornan
Clara snipped the thread, then examined the garment carefully. She gave particular attention to the counterfeit brand label sewn conspicuously onto the front right pocket.

Soon The Teeth By Kirstyn McDermott
It's growing inside of me, this thing without a name. No one believes me but I can feel it in there. Its blunt claws scratch lightly at my belly.

A Spork In The Road By Matthew Sanborn Smith
What the hell was that in the road up there? Sam pulled onto the shoulder as soon as his brain gave up on the interpretation.

All The Way Down By Angie Smibert
Cherie Larsen-Metcalf NASA Headquarters, Washington 202-867-5309

The World Is A Very Dangerous Place, Dear By Shaun A. Saunders
Lisa had just returned home when her mother trapped her in one of those 'dear, why don't we sit down and chat' spiels.

The Phone Rings By Richard Thorne
It's never a good thing when your phone rings and shows an unrecognised caller ID.

Lost In Space by Mark Farrugia
I've never believed in alien abductions. They always happen to crackpots or the mentally insane, but what else could this be?

The Virgin Strand by Ashley Hibbert
"ua mau ke ea o ka ana i ka pono" - the life of the land is established in righteousness

Hidden In Plain Sight by Felicity Dowker
The man made dangerous by delusion stood on the dais, his arms raised above his head.

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