Friday, January 30, 2009

Hyperion the movie one step closer to reality

There are a few stories that I can not imagine how they could ever committed to film. Dan Simmons Hyperion series has got to be the top of just about everyone's list. Hyperion is like a backwards running HG Wells Time Machine, mixed in with Farmer's Riverworld, a healthy sprinkling of Kings Gunslinger and throw in a big dollop of Martin's Dying of the Light, mix thoroughly and commit to celluloid. A complex mix of characters with two major time lines running in opposite if that doesn't sound like an impossible task.

But according to IO9 and Variety:
  • Hyperion has found its director: Scott Derrickson, the man who helped Keanu Reeves make the Earth Stand Still in last year's remake.
  • Derrickson will direct Hyperion Cantos, which combines the first two novels in the Hyperion series. The script will be written by Trevor Sands, who also recently completed work on the proposed movie version of The Six Million Dollar Man.
A screen version of The Six Million Dollar Man?! Based on the book, one would hope, and not the terrible tv treatment...shudder.

But anyway, Hyperion is a grand scale right up there with Dune and we all know how successful the industry has been at providing a screenplay that everyone is comfortable with.

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L. Clarke said...

it is great to see really good books get closer to becoming films. The Lord Of The Rings was really well done. If they good as good a job as they did there it will be wonderful.
Dead Empires Fall by Walter Williams would transfer to a movie really well too.
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