Wednesday, January 28, 2009

KFC's "Can't-Say-That-Word-on-Television?"

Oh this is priceless!

Remember last time we visited the fine folks at kfc they were promoting BSG with a bunch of goodies they called a "Frak Pak"? Well I just about, no I did hurt myself on that one. Well you would figure that the KFC people finding their mistake would right it in a resonably humorless way.
So did they? Nope, Not with a row of....well you know what I mean.

In their infinite wisdom KFC has changed "Frak Pak" to "Can't-Say-That-Word-on-Television?" and I find that both beautifully clueless and downright hilarious! Because the the last time I watched BSG they were saying Frak like every other word. Last time I looked that box at the end of my bed was a tv and Frak was coming out the speaker! Anyone that listened to the radio/podcast will also note that I was saying frak all the frakin time! lol

Oh my KFC how could you do everything right and get it so very very fraked up again

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