Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Smell the Universe

Remember this Futurama episode?  The professor had developed a telescope that would, with the aid of lens and his newly invented "stench coil", aid him in his quest to discover gravity waves. 

Wonderfully kooky moment in an otherwise insane episode.

So why am I waxing nonsensical over an invention by Professor Farnsworth,  well in a odd
coincidence, NASA has on its' payroll one George Aldrich who has been employed as NASA’s staff sniffer for 40 years and NASA considers his contribution vital.

Check out the complete article HERE


btonym said...

Life imitates art and vice versa to the point where they are indistinguishable. This article, with it's serious as well as humorous overtone, brings to mind the great low joke about flatulence in an environment suit. Sorry 'bout that.

Beam Me Up said...


I will have to admit that I did get an initial giggle out of this one, because the first place I went WAS straight to Professor Farnsworth and his stench-coil scope.I can relate to long term confinement with horrific odors ... and a joke about flatulence in an environment suit would almost write itself! he he

btonym said...

Thank you! (P.S.- Don't ride the route 22 bus in San Jose, CA after midnight!)

Beam Me Up said...

Oh I got one better....don't be in the same room when a full body cast is removed after being worn for more than 12 months...