Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goodbye Marvel, and Iphone astronomy apps

FREE ASTRONOMY APPS(sue me I’m cheap)
If you have an iPhone, or something that uses such apps, here are a couple I just found that might be of interest to those of us out here. And yeah, you read that right. I said iPhone. Apparently I am being put into the 21st century whether I like it or not. Not meaning that I do not like it. I’d just prefer the 25th or so century is all. Like I said, I’m not sure how this happened.  But it did, and that damndable phone is, well, you’ll see here soon where the minor gripe comes in.  And as for that siri stuff, uh, just no. If my phone is going to be speaking to me, it had better transform and get out the freaking chess set. In other words, an AI system that can actually think, not some dimwitted pre-programmed imbecile. Yeah, I am one of those that backs AI all the way. Come and live here for a week, you’ll understand.
            The first one is called “Stars”. It is exactly what it says it is. It shows the 88 constellations along with the equatorial line and the path of the sun. Basically it is just a constellation chart, but still a nice little stand-alone app. (I should not know the term “stand alone app.”)
            The next one is called Cosmos Celestron Navigator. This is an interesting app to say the least.  It has a planetarium feature, (a place I need to go to again one day soon actually), and though I’ve only played with it a bit it seems really cool. I went into the search, tapped on stars and then Vega, and it even has an audio that tells you about the star.
            And now I complain. It also does something else, and now I need 400 dollars for a freaking Celestron Cosmos 90GT WiFi Telescope, which this app is made to blend seamlessly with. You see, these freaking phones are nothing but an expense for nosy lunatics like me. It is a really cool app, and if you can get it on something, you owe it to yourself to do so. There are quite a few others out there as well. Some are pay, some are free. I’ll be checking them all out over time here. Well, the free ones anyway.

            Yep, they gave me an attitude, and for anyone that pays attention to the comic world these days, I am guessing you already figured out why and where the meltdown is coming from. I’ll make this real simple.
            Thor is not a woman, period. (And neither is Starbuck, but that’s another meltdown entirely.) This isn’t a gender switch, or a Thor from another realm, etc. This is an entirely new character, as the Thor we all know and love somehow suddenly becomes unworthy, and loses Mjolnir to this I guarantee you a definitely unworthy one.
            If they want more female super powered beings, make them up like the rest, or has marvel lost all true creativity these days. So as for me and Marvel Comics, I’ll just stick with how things were. Stop changing freaking characters for PC or any other silliness. They are the characters they are. I mean seriously, you don’t have enough brains to create a character, so you simply change the one you have over to the opposite sex. Yeah Marvel, that’s really moving forward there. There are so many ways to have done this, but this way is just ignorant in my opinion.
            Luckily this silliness won’t be invading the movies. At least not for a good while. As for any of the anime coming up out there, who knows?
            Now as for the anime and movies, I’m still there of course. And I am willing to make a bet on an upcoming movie as well.
            Guardians of the Galaxy will probably be panned in every direction. I figure this because I already am in love with the characters from what I have learned and seen of them. Never read the comic though. And usually when I love a movie, as this seems to be one coming for me, it ends up being hated by everyone else.  (House 2, Starcrash; need I go on.) Anyway, here’s the link to the site about this new Thor silliness. And as for who is worthy to wield the mighty hammer of Thor. I can tell you that quite easily. Anyone willing to use it to knock some sense back into Marvel. And while they are at it, get the rights to the FF back to Marvel before the next disaster of an abomination of my favorite first family of comics is turned out by idiots.


Dave Tackett said...

Completely agree with you on Thor!

Beam Me Up said...

Here I am trying to get caught up in the comic universe and spaced this entirely! Thor? Girl Thor? awwwwwww come on! Well I heard rumors that they were trying to kill off Thor and then the movie got popular so they were stuck with him. I guess they are up to their antics again. Ummm Marvel, Thor IS POPULAR now, remove head from between cheeks.

kallamis said...

Imagine what I thought when the GF first pointed this out to me. Meltdown is an accurate description I believe.