Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Meet the New Faster, Smarter Asimo

Honda has massively improved its robot platform Asimo.   The first major upgrade is a new set of legs that allow Asimo to travel on uneven surfaces, run at nearly 6 mph and even walk backwards.

Another improvement is Asimo's redesigned hands.  Hands which now have 13 degrees of freedom, enabling the 'bot to hold and manipulate objects without crushing or dropping them.  So much freedom in fact that Asimo can communicate with the deaf using ASL (American sign language).

Asimo's intelligence has been greatly improved as well.  The robot can now walk around without the need for an operator.  Asimo also has great situational awareness.  This would say allow him to move out of the way to avoid a collision   in a hallway or other locals.

Here is the complete Engadget article

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