Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Daughter of the High Lords ***UPDATED***

Those of you that have been with the program for some time should recognize the name Dave Scholes.  Dave is a prolific writer and has been very generous with a lot of his stories.

So it should not come as any surprise that Dave has collected a few of those stories, such as many of the Trathh short stories, some of even his most recent in the "Human Hunter" vein and even some really good new stories. 

Check out some of the story descriptions from Amazon:
  • “Daughter of the High Lords”, pits the High Lord race and the Brell super power empire against the Coordinator of All Realities as Garthhe an enigmatic entity from an equally enigmatic race seeks to rescue, Raechelle, daughter of the High Lords. 
  • “The Search for Humanity” the far flung human race disappears without explanation from the upper reaches of time.
  • “Reality Check” alternate reality travelers coming home must make sure they are returning to the right reality. 
 And I know it's cliche but there really is a whole lot more.  If you would like more info on the book you can check out the Paperback version HERE

Dave just sent me a new update on the EBOOK of Daughter of the High Lords:

  • Just to let you know that my new book is now also available as an e-book:  HERE
  • also I'm making it available as a free download from Amazon for the 2 days from 12.01am 12 July to 11.59pm 13 July (US Pacific Time).
  • Cheers 
  • Dave 
Thanks for the update Dave

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