Thursday, July 31, 2014

NASA to Build Largest Rocket To Date!

Check out some of these very impressive stats
A  rocket that will tower at 384 feet tall, set to become the largest rocket ever built, dwarfing even the mighty Saturn V rockets of the Apollo era
This rocket, sitting on the launch pad will weigh 6.5 million pounds

NASA's recently released schedule for the new Space Launch System notes that the space agency will begin testing the engines that will be used.  SLS will use 4 sls rs-25 liquid fuel engines with two outboard SRBs.  If the RS25 designation sounds familiar, they are indeed shuttle main engines that provided massive lifting capabilities.  These engines  have undergone modifications.  At launch the SLS rocket will be providing 9.2 MILLION lbs of thrust.

The schedule calls for the SLS' first test flight 2017. 

Read more of Mail Online article HERE


Dave Tackett said...

All good, but will there be funding?

Beam Me Up said...

Dave, One would hope but honestly I question this administration's commitment to space. SLS is way off track for that very reason. I will keep my fingers crossed. The one thing in it's favor is the fact that so much of the system is already well underway.