Sunday, February 02, 2014

BMU #397 Now Online

Here we are for another week of Beam Me Up.  This Week episode 397.

After my opening comments I play another track from John Anelio's Walk the Fire album.   This Week's cut, "Stuck at the Bottom of the Mine".

I have been doing Star Trek trivia for some time, but it IS wearing a bit thin, so I have swapped in some Twilight Zone odd facts which seem to be many!

Off to the Beam Me Up blog:

First is a review of the animated feature "The Croods"

Early Solar system dynamics were pretty chaotic with the gas giants doing a dance through the inner system!

I have a link to one of the most clever short films

Plus the funniest rip on the early Batman & Robin feature film, all the incontestability and just plain WRONG material, this short actually makes the older film more enjoyable!

The Sierra Nevada corp uncovers it's Dream Chaser, a reusable lifting body, which will help deliver men and supplies to the ISS.

and our story for this week....KS Dearsley's  "The pitch"  


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