Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Old Trek, New Episodes

Star Trek Web Series

            This is something I stumbled across by accident somehow.  It’s interesting. What you have are trained professionals that are also avid Star Trek fans and have taken it upon themselves to finish the two years that were left after the originals cancellation.
            And this is where it starts getting interesting. The people that have taken over the parts of the originals. Here are a few names you will recognize.
Chris Doohan
            The son of James Doohan has taken over the role of Scotty in place of his father. Guess that pretty much covers the character of Scotty doesn’t it?
Grant Imahara
            Yeah the one from MythBusters. He has taken over the role of Sulu.
 Vic Mignogna
            Some may know this name from his voice acting in video games and anime. And that is a seriously long list. Dragonball movies and games, FullMetal, The Mightiest Disciple Kenichi, Devil May Cry, and the list goes on, and on. He is also playing a part in the TV Movie “Star Trek: Renegades.”
            And just for the simple reason of space saving, I will stop with the character listing here. 
            And some good information on this is that it had a successful launch on Kickstarter for three more episodes. Episode 2 premiered at the Dallas comic con on Feb 8th.  The fans rallied behind this, and it even has a 7.3 from 347 users on IMdb.
Think about it. This old purist is actually recommending something where the main characters, and everyone else, are being played by different people than the beloved originals, and no one regenerated. Just accept them as who they are supposed to be, and give it a shot. I admit, it takes a bit of getting used to. But go check it out.
           The link I give here will take you to the episodes. Enjoy.

 Printed Pizza
            Remember that company I mentioned once before that got the grant to figure out how to do a pizza by 3D printing? Well, here’s an update video. Be nice if they used a pizza recipe that is actually loved by all pizza lovers, which of course would be New York Style. But hey, they’re trying, and let’s be honest, they’re doing a damn good job of it too. But regardless, and I hate to say this, I really doubt they ever get the perfect taste from it. They might, but I doubt it ever tastes like NY fresh. And I want to see them 3D print fully cooked and ready to eat Louisiana crawfish. Then we have the real replicator.
            Anyway, here’s the link to the video. I’d try it.

Dead Beat Olympics
            The midseason premiere of the Walking Dead beat out the Olympics in terms of viewers. 15.8 million viewers with an 8.2 rating compared to the Olympics 6.9 in the 18-49 demographic they like using.
This makes it the most watched midseason premiere yet, which I suppose is good, but I miss the days when we got the freaking season in one shot, and not all this waiting around forever for one season.
            I have to admit, it will be more interesting for a while at least, considering you have a group of complete and total imbeciles trying to survive in the simplest and easiest of apocalyptic scenarios. They get split up on the farm, and had no plan for a rendezvous point. They then succeed, due to the idiocy of the moron in charge, who allows the enemy to live, thereby causing the loss of their prison home to a tank and more zombies than could ever be handled. And guess what, they are now split up again, with no rendezvous point, no one knowing if anyone is alive or dead. I would take the kids from Disney’s Lab Rats or Mighty Med, (stop judging me on the silliness I watch, they are good shows), before I ever tried surviving anything with this group of morons that seem determined to follow a complete idiot into utter and total ruin and self-destruction. Hmm, guess they’d make decent lackies and cannon fodder though. Or in this case, I guess lunch would be a bit more accurate. Sometimes I think they all have bugs in the blood. So why do I keep watching it? I love horror zombie movies, and it could still be a good series, if only someone would fecking think, just a little bit. When you have a sociopath, in a post-apocalyptic world, determined to see you destroyed, and tortured if possible just for fun, and you have him dead to rights and done, you end it. You don’t let the freak walk away to come back with an army and a freaking tank.
            No, there isn’t a link to the rest of this I’m just ranting. Get more intelligence from Space Dandy than this show. And if you haven’t seen Space Dandy, it’s on at 11:30 on carton Network on Saturday nights. He's a Dandy; in Space. (Their description, not mine).Just don’t ask me what the hell it is you just watched. I’m still trying to figure it out. And I love that show. I’m a sick person.

Kindle Games
            I have two I tried here recently while being laid up. This is not going to be a very nice review.
            Seriously, don’t waste your time. First, lets make something clear. I love games like Empire Earth Gold Edition, Heroes of Might and Magic 5(I think it was 5, I have to buy this myself; my buddy brought it over before and we played. Well this is another of those resource building expansive type games, but it just doesn’t live up to, well not much at all. There are ion app purchases of course, which I find irritating, but not as bad as the fact that you apparently get to some of the larger modified building without becoming an elite member for 4.95 a month or something like that. It’s not worth it at all. WoW was once worth  the price to play, even at 15 a month, until they destroyed the game. Even now though, I would pay for WoW before giving this game even 1.99 for a year. It’s okay for a while, like till you hit about level 3 or 4, then it is just boring. Not to mention if you get caught by a player that has been there for a while, you’ll get your fleet totaled, and resources all taken. Not bad, and normal, but you need a longer protection period after you start. And it needs a better combat system and resource system as well.
I give it a 3.8 out of ten for initial game interest.

            Yep, it’s another resource building game. Again with in-app purchasing for gems, and you talk about freaking outrageous prices. This game can however be played and enjoyed without any form of in-app purchasing. But they try and make it difficult enough, especially with the long arsed times to build anything, that it will drive you nuts.
            It has a simple resource system however consisting of gold, and mana. The other thing is Honor Badges. Those you earn at a set rate per hour depending on your ranking in the arena. Just pick your strongest, pick an opponent, and set them free to reach the other end and destroy a crystal, or meet in the middle and fight first. The problem is it doesn’t show your opponents defense position so it makes it interesting. I have lost in the arena by taking a different path to the crystal and them destroying mine first, but when I went back in, and met them on the path and fought, I wiped out all 5 of his with only one of mine dying. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense it seems. But there is an explanation based on what you have done to build your one talent, which you get at random and could be of level 1-5. You can change it for 300 gems, but you never know what you will get, or what level. The other is a skill that you can raise in level by sacrificing slimes or other heroes, but the costs are just silly.
            All in all though, even with a few more minor complaints I have, it is overall a fun game in many ways. Maybe I just need the more complicated variety. But again, it isn’t a bad game, and you don’t need fast reflexes for anything and you can’t be attacked by anyone while you are online. I guess a small motor with a plastic flap attached at set a a slow speed with a stylus tip to rotate and touch the screen over and over would keep it from the automatic shutdown it does if you haven’t done anything for a while. And no, I’m not doing that. I did that with Final Fantasy 3 (I think 3), however to keep hitting the A button so I could go to bed while I went in the circle at the water over and over. Woke to level 89. I cheated, sue me. I didn’t have a turbo controller to tape the A button down on; it was winter, so I made my own turbo controller system. 
           Anyway, I give this one a 5.5 out of 10.  
           Both of these are available I know for the Kindle fire, and also for phones as well. Some type of phones anyway. And they are free at Amazon for download. 


btonym said...

O M Y Gene Roddenberry! I'm still upside down on the floor trying to type this. I don't know how they did it, but they one hell of a job! This could and should go mainstream.

Beam Me Up said...

Boy it didn't take as long to suspend belief as I though! Everyone involved did such a tight job that I was once again aboard the 1701 and loving every second. I bet Grant was like a kid in a candy shop playing Sulu, he wasn't bad.....Mignogna was a hoot doing Shatner...but pretty soon he WAS JT Kirk! This was a great find!

kallamis said...

Believe it or not, I found this while researching an experiment I want to try. One that has nothing to do with space but energy. Not sure how I found it, just glad I found it. It just kind of popped up there somewhere while following links from one place to another.

Beam Me Up said...

it is just so well done. I dont believe that its all green sceen. Watched the first....savin the second....yeah babbee...

kallamis said...

"yeah babbee..."?????

Someone else here been watching Space Dandy?

Beam Me Up said...

a hurump and a furtive raise of the hand......
Vic can do Kirk better that Shatner! and Grant doing Sulu...what a rush