Friday, February 14, 2014

review: Riddick

 Vin Diesel as Riddick -  Matthew Nable as Boss Johns -  Jordi Mollà as Santana  -  Katee Sackhoff as Dahl -
Dave Batista as Diaz -  Bokeem Woodbine as Moss  -  Raoul Trujillo as Lockspur  -   Conrad Pla as Vargas  -  Nolan Gerard Funk as Luna
Danny Blanco Hall as Falco  -  Noah Danby as Nuñez  -  Neil Napier as Rubio
Karl Urban as Siberius Vaako  -  Alex Branson as Lex Branman  -  Andreas Apergis as Krone 

Starring in his third movie as Riddick the last of a race called Furyan.  After the best part of a decade as the Lord Marshall of the Necromongers - Riddick has become restless.  In an attempt to bow out of the position, Riddick makes a deal with his commander Vaako, who professes to know the location of Furya, that for a ship and a crew to make him home, he will abdicate.

So things being what they will, Riddick once again is stranded on a planet and almost dead.

But given enough time Riddick recuperates and finds a way to signal passing ships for a rescue.   But what he gets is Mercs and bounty hunters who get a bonus if he is brought back dead.

Now it's Riddick's  job to keep from dying  and that there are things worse than him to fear on this planet.

And so, how did I like the third installment?  Well most of the action happens at's raining.....check, there are mindless eating machines for animals attacking from all sides.....check.  That was when the movie really took off right?  Yeah?  You know I am talking about the fist movie don't you?  Yeah a bit of a cheap shot, just hope that doesn't start a trend as might the "turbo cycles" OMG WTF I am at a loss what to say about this!  I mean the ridiculous handlebars, a "bitch" seat, I swear I heard one backfire like a Harley with its timing advanced.... and THEY SOUNDED LIKE MOTORCYCLES!!!! Really? Who is this for....who believes that a turbine sounds like and backfires like a Harley....first off...there are NO cylinders or spark plugs in a turbine! But Vin is going to "Ride it like he stole it!" (groan)  By this time my anime guy and I were throwing things at the tv...

 Look this movie has Katie Ssckhoff  doing an even better job of her   Starbuck persona.  Here she is Dahl and she is bad.  Much more so than the Bionic Woman ever came close to... Matthew Nable  Jordi Mollà  and  Dave Batista are so ON in this movie and Vin is Riddick no holds barred, so taken as a compete body of work it is great fun  and then you hear the Harleys ride in....

For a Riddick movie it is top of the heap....though it is hard to say if it is better than #2  close  but if you are looking for more than an epic macho fairytale in Riddick  - you will be a long time looking.

I would give it a 7, and before you start to scream fraud...Let me explain...They were not lazy on this film.  The photography was good, green screen excellent, CGI seamless (they had to have a puppeteer doing the green suit for the hand raised "dog" just the way Vin interacts is so good you buy right into it)

I would say if you like you SF raw and your a Vin Diesel fan, go ahead and rent it.  If you are neither...walk away, you are not missing anything.


Stu Rat said...

I rented this from the library and watched it earlier today. I enjoyed it. The cycles didn't bother me. After the Necromungers of Chronicles I've accepted the quasi 40k/Warzone vibe that didn't exist in Pitch Black.

What did bug me, a little, was that in Black they were all traveling (crew too) in stasis. Now they are traveling around in these little shuttle/pinnance sized ships without (apparently) stasis tubes.

But I liked it, too.

Beam Me Up said...

Stu Ok, I can give you that...and you know...DER I did NOT pick up on the stassis thing at all...I may ahve tried to fool myself into a well they are shuttle craft. Nope, your right...

Good find Stu!!!!! Thanks