Friday, February 21, 2014

The Earth is flat I guess.

No, I have not completely lost my mind, though I am seeing a movie titled “Idiocracy” that is apparently coming true.  
Now every few years, the National Science foundation releases its new Science and engineering indicators. Basically, they show just how ignorant some people in this country are becoming. I won’t cover the entire article here, but you can check it out for yourself. I’m basically going to just cover this one thing, and you can judge from there after reading the full article.
            26% of Americans do not know the earth orbits the sun.
            Seriously. So.., I guess that means the freaking planet is flat in their minds or something. Regardless, they are apparently under the assumption that the universe still revolves around the Earth, making us the great important center of all things.
            People; that Flat Earth Society also still seems to exist, as I went looking to see if it actually did. Apparently as of March 2012, they had 420 members. What the frack is wrong with these people?
            Anyway, this means that 26% of the people in this country are already I am guessing unable to grasp the simplest of scientific concepts, or; and this is the scary part; they simply refuse to listen to anything and prefer to live in ignorance.
            Another thing that is brought up in the article is the need for those that can bridge the so called gap between science and society, working as translators. Are you kidding me here or what? We don’t need translators for science on what are the basic principles that most of us learned before ever going to school even.
            As for the advanced aspects of science, you will never get that explained today.
            As for explaining advancements I do believe that should be done, but trying to explain the science to the normal person today is kind of like something I mentioned about alien life once. Their teenagers go out to the backwater planets and screw with the primitives, us. This would be about the same. Take those of the 26% out to an island, jump up on a rock with a lighter and a fuel soaked torch, light it and become their god.
            Yeah okay, I lost my attitude here. Damn good reason to lose an attitude if you ask me.
            It gets worse, sort of.
            In 2010, nearly two thirds of Americans said astrology was not at all scientific. In 2012, it was just over half. We are so doomed.
            There are good parts in the report, but this stuff here is just silly and completely embarrassing to anyone that thinks.
            First link is to the article I found, and the second link will take you to the report itself.

            I am now going to go outside, with my fresh clean towel, stick my thumb toward the sky and hope for a pick up.

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OMG what a rush. I hadn't seen the recent posts here so I get all set up, the last sponsor notice runs as does my openingw. I log into the blog as I am doing my opening monologue and this op ed piece comes up and I almost chock! This was WONDERFUL Kall! as it happened, I ran over time for the short story, but it was worth it!!!! Do that anytime you like my friend. Any time you are ready to start recording, you let me know because I can bet there were some excellent emotions that didnt translate well!