Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What are my bids for this 25 feet tall, 160 feet long and 135 feet wide and weigh around 8.2 million pound launcher?

What is are 25 feet tall,  160 feet long and 135 feet wide and weigh around 8.2 million pounds?
NASA's historic mobile launch platform, or MLPs, famous for holding Saturn 5s and the Shuttle as they made their way from the VAB to the launch area.  

 NASA presently owns 3 of these behemoths.  The agency is entertaining concepts for the potential use or divestment of three historic launch platforms that are not needed for the agency's current or planned future missions.  

Are you reading this correctly?  Key words.....Saturn, Shuttle.   I would add in unique and historic.

Can you say short sighted?  Irreplaceable?  Of course we have seen what Nasa considers mothballing or storage....

Read the NASA post here

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kallamis said...

I'm not saying a word here. I think my feelings are well known on this by now. So basically, who do I slap first for this.