Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie by Tim Burton  B+W stop motion

Directed by     Tim Burton
Story by          Tim Burton
Based on         Frankenweenie by Tim Burton

Catherine O'Hara  Susan Frankenstein
Martin Short  Edward Frankenstein
Martin Landau  Mr. Rzykruski
Charlie Tahan  Victor Frankenstein
Atticus Shaffer  Edgar "E" Gore
Winona Ryder  Elsa van Helsing

The first thing I think needs clearing is what this film is based on.  Burton a few years back make a live action short called Frankenweenie.   As you may have guessed, this short was based on a boy named Edward who loved making films and often used his constant companion  his dog Sparky who through an errant pitch at a baseball game, fetched the wayward ball and was run over by a car for his trouble, killing him.

Young Victor sees an experiment with a frog and electricity.   Exhuming Sparkie he pulls a Shelly Frankenstein's Monster  which eventually is successful and Sparkie is once again with his best friend.

Now Burton's stop motion Frankenweenie if virtually frame for frame exactly like the live action. 

Burton also has fun by sending up many of the old horror films like Frankenstein, King's Pet Semetary, Edward Scissorhands among others.  I won't give away all the little tid bits that are there for the film buffs and or adults who I know will be watching!

As for rating the film.  The stop motion is extremely good.  The voice acting was a treat and the visuals and tongue in cheek references are fun for adults and kids alike.  I think it is an easy 8.5
As far as extras there is loads of information on how Tim is keeping an old tech alive and fun. A good 8  for a 16.5 film total and an 8.25  for average.    Well worth the watch. 


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kallamis said...

Oh Frack. This is another one I wanted to see, and had actually forgotten about. I'm actually looking forward to winter. I'll finally be able to catch up on everything finally. Hopefully that is.