Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Rundown

This week it is pretty much sci-fi being done here. Most of the interesting science has already been covered, so off to the sci-fi for us. First we will start with news that may be good, or may be downright horrible.

            I’ll make this short, and simple, if not sweet. The new Batman for the next Man of Steel movie is Ben Affleck.
            And I am sure you all know what happened when he was announced as the new Bat. The net went bonko, as usual.
One guy compared the reaction to what it was when that Ledger person was cast as the joker. (I still hated him as the joker by the way, as he just didn’t cut it. Not to me anyway. All he had was the insanity part, but with no class at all.) That is my opinion, of which I realize I am in the strictest of minorities on this. I’m used to being there anyway.
            Anyhow, that is going to be the Bat in the next MOS movie. As for giving a link to this, it’s everywhere. It’s on yahoo, movie pilot, and every other site on the internet it seems right now. They certainly lit up the net when they dropped this bombshell on us.
            Personally, I’m going to attempt to withhold my first impression of this, and wait and see. For him to be the best Bruce Wayne so far is completely possible. But as for him actually portraying the Bat, well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. And yeah, there are also a number of petitions out there already asking them to recast the part. And no, I haven’t signed any of them. I’m still kind of waiting for my official meltdown on the new Fantastic Four cast if they ever get there. (Personally, my favorites there are the originals to play the part in that Roger Corman disaster film he made.) Anyway, here is a link that will take you to the DC page of movie pilot, where it seems half of it is all on this subject right now.  So enjoy him being cast, or at least try and enjoy your own complaining. Kind of like I do.

            They are doing it again. The Flash as a TV series. The cost is a lot of the reason the last one was cancelled. But they are going to try it again, which I don’t think is the best idea here at all. Now of course this will come about by being tied in originally to CW’s Arrow. 
            However, there is some hope here. This time, there won’t be the typing into a computer for an answer, as we have all been inundated with forensics on TV now through a variety of different programs, CSI leading the way in that of course. So this time, they will have to expand on that area quite a bit. So the show could actually be better than the original series, so let’s all of us, (myself at the top of the list here) TRY AND GIVE THIS A FAIR CHANCE.  I gave Arrow a chance, even though I had my serious doubts about it. I simply threw out everything I knew about Green Arrow, and just rode the wave on that one, and so far am not happy, but not unhappy with it either. It has its good points. But back to The Flash here.
            Here is why I think this is a bad idea. They want to do a Justice League movie. That means the Flash. So if we have a series with the Flash, and then a justice League movie with another person playing the part. Once again we see continuity go right out the window again. It would be nice if these people would get together, and figure out what the feck they are actually going to do, before doing it.
            Anyway, there is a lot more, (and I mean a lot more) info in the actual article. No one has been cast yet to my knowledge, but they may simply not be saying yet. I personally always liked The Flash, and would love to see a series get going that actually works. I’m just wondering how dark they will make him to appease the new violent loving crowd out there, and throw away everything that made the Flash a great character. Kind of like what they did with Supes from what I am hearing out here. I have got to see that movie pretty soon. Anyway, here’s the link folks.  The second link leads to Amazon and the original series being sold there.

            Basically, they are all on the chopping block this season. I’m almost willing to bet however that Daryl isn’t on that list, regardless of what they say in the article. He has become one of the most recognized, and followed characters on the show. Him and Glenn that is.  They even have a wall in the offices that is for all those that have left us on this show, whether by being eaten, gnawed, shot, left, etc. and they are apparently going to be adding more heads to that wall this season, and apparently with some of the main characters. Well, let’s be honest here about this show for one second. I can to you all right now, that out of all of them, there are only a couple I would ever allow to be in my group. Rick and his brats are not on that list, and I am personally hoping to watch them get eaten. I mean really, having a baby in that world, at that time, yeah right. That’s a sure fire way to become bloody food let me tell you.
            Also, we will apparently be seeing a lot more human on human debacles as it goes forward.
            I have to admit that last season was better than season 2, but not by much. They are promising better yet again this season, but we’ll see.
            Lets look at this show for a second. They worry so much about a dippy relationship, or some other silliness, instead of what they should be focused upon, that which lies beyond survival. If this would happen, here is what I would do. While things like the net are still active, I am going to download a printed copy of every place that there is a shelter of the government, or of a private person, since so many of them want to appear on TV now for some reason, and I am going hunting. And another thing, just where are they getting all this fuel at. Gas only stays good for about a year, and after that it really goes downhill. And I haven’t seen a still anywhere. So just where are they getting all this unlimited fuel at?
            And yeah, I could go on, but let’s face it, it’s the only freaking Zombie series we are ever likely to  get, so I’m there for the remainder I believe regardless.  I just hope they feed Rick at least to something. Better yet, let him behind while they escape and watch him be eaten. Yeah, I really hate that lunatic idiot.
Here’s the link folks.

            No, it’s not a YouTube video folks. It’s a bloody horror movie titled; you got it, “Squirrels.”
            Now just in case you haven’t figured out a plot for a bunch of run amok flesh eating killer squirrels, here it is exactly as it is in the article.
            A young man return to his home town after his father is mysteriously killed. Sadly, his investigation into his father’s death is somewhat hampered by the hordes of blood-crazed, homicidal squirrels that suddenly descend on the sleepy little town.
            As a rodent lover, and having had many as pets over the years, and my rats are actually out here with me at this moment, I have to say this looks entirely silly, and demented. And yeah, I will be seeing this one of course myself, even if it is out there on a limb like Attack of The Killer Tomatoes’.
Even so, you need to watch the trailer if you are a fan of horror, and especially a fan of ludicrous horror movies. Yeah, I even liked Poultrygeist. Okay, so I watch some really twisted and sick stuff at times. And if you haven’t seen Poultrygeist, see it. Just remember, its real title however is this, “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead”. And now you know just what it is about more or less. It really is a fun movie for those that like that type of movie. I loved it. Sorry Dave, I love bad movies, always will. After all, I loved star crash too remember.
            Anyway, for all you fans of lunacy horror movies, this one looks right up our alley. So check it out.

            Self explanatory, and that is really all there is here on this link as well is pics from the new movie. And I do have to say, that Eccleston, (the former and first Doctor of the new Doctor Who series) looks amazing here.  Check it out. The pics will do nothing more than make you wish you had a TARDIS to get a jump on the rest of us and go see the bloody thing now. Cool pics though. Yeah, even a week waiting is enough to drive this old Thor man wacky.

            On November 23rd of this year, Doctor Who will be celebrating 50 years. And this time there won’t be any spoilers coming from those that have seen it first, and that has been guaranteed.  Those people in Britain will not be able to make posts about it before we have seen it here as well. As well as the other 200 or so countries that are going to be airing it as well won’t have that problem either. It’s going to be simulcast across the globe at the same time. And I couldn’t care less if it is on at 9pm, 3am, or whenever, I am going to be there, believe it.
            How I missed this article before I have no idea, so though it is a bit late, I wanted to get it out here anyway for everyone like me that loves the Doctor.
            And if you have the money, fly to the UK for that day. It’s also going to be shown in theaters there. Lucky sons of ......
            This is direct from the article itself.
            “Global broadcasters have agreed to simulcast the 3D special to avoid plot leaks or spoilers, meaning that if, on the anniversary of Saturday 23 November, the episode was to be shown at 7pm on BBC1, fans in LA would see it at 11am while viewers in Sydney would be watching it at 6am on Sunday.”
            Now the big question of course is what it has been. Is this the second to last Doctor. It has been mentioned so many times that they have only 12 regenerations. However, River burned up all of hers to save him after they locked Hitler in the closet. And without Time Lords to control it now, and with all of them gone, (maybe), does that even have any bearing any longer. Without their limits, it could be that being the last time lord in the universe, those rules no longer apply. Also, with the connection between him and his only true lady, (the TARDIS), I wouldn't be surprised that she herself may have altered things at some point. And yes, all TARDISes are female.
            I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again here. Forget Han, forget Kirk, forget Goku, or superman. There is only one true hero of the universe, and we don’t even know for sure his real age. Never forget rule 1, the Doctor lies. So frankly, he could already be thousands of years old, and just lies out of some type of vanity.
            Personally, I think with the end of Gallifrey, it was the end of the limits put in place by the time lords, and our Doctor now may very well be basically an immortal being, considering that his regeneration may have no limit now.  And frankly, it would be the perfect cap stone to the death of those lunatic time lords that were following the king lunatic Rassilon.
            Of course, I don’t think we've seen the last of The Master either. That tricky one had to have a plan of escape somehow. After all, he did turn everyone into him once, and I have no doubt there was a part of an escape plan in there somewhere.
            Long live the true hero folks. Long live the Doctor.

            Yeah, those dips had to do this one, and now I’m back in this again. You all know my feelings about Trek and Wars. It’s Trek, period, first, foremost and always here. However, This isn’t that argument, of which only the Trekkies are correct about anyway. Yes, I’m sticking to my side on this, as they really can’t be compared in the first bloody place. One is sci-fi, and the other goes into the same category as Star Crash, a space fantasy, a space opera, whatever you want to call it.
            But this is about Han and Kirk. I love them both, but to be honest, I have to go with Han here. Yeah, Kirk has the women, (though I am betting Han had a few in every port), and he has the enterprise. However, lets see the enterprise do what the Falcon can do. The problem here is simple. The enterprise would never fit where the Falcon does, and would be in pieces if they ever tried to fly it that way.
            Kirk has scotty, and an entire engineering crew to get his ship moving. Han has himself and chewie to fix whatever breaks, and no Starfleet for parts. They buy their own, or make them, or steal them.
            Frankly, Han could fly circles around both Kirk, and the Enterprise. Ouch, that actually kind of hurt to say. But it is a fact.
So lets break this down into the only way to choose who is the best of the two.  And here it is. Personal choice folks.
            Considering the two are totally different, ships totally different, and universes not even remotely connected, I find the entire thing a bit silly to compare them. A more fair comparison would be Kirk and Picard. And no way am I getting myself into that battle. I still remember the fist fight over Trek and Wars in a freaking parking lot. For a bunch of geeks nerds and dweebs, we can certainly get violent over things at times. And no, I didn’t start it either. My mouth may have helped, but I did not throw the first punch. Actually, I don’t know who did. Yeah, try explaining to the cops that one. No one got arrested, we were all asked to leave and dang if we all weren’t back there the next night. I miss those days.
            So make your choice folks. For me, Han dresses better, looks better, and has a much cooler ship for getting into trouble with. Kirk dresses in uniform, has a huge ship to blow up things with, and a lot more entertainment on board it as well.
            Folks, honestly, they just can’t be compared. And neither should the two franchises for that matter. But hey, what else have we got to do but argue over greatness (TREK) vs silliness (WARS).
Here’s your link folks.

There you go folks. Hope you enjoy the rundown this week. The science articles I had listed are already up there, so that is why I went sci-fi only this week. Time restraints and schedule here are insane for me right now, so just going sci-fi this week was easier for me,. See you all next week folks.


Dave Tackett said...

Just a couple comments.

Your very generous about the Ben Affleck casting. Even if they give in to pressure and dump him, I no longer have any hope for the film. The worst part of the casting is that someone connected to the film (Snyder?) saw the movie Daredevil and liked it. Affleck off-the-charts sucked as Daredevil, a character reasonable similar to Batman, yet they still cast him.

Kirk Vs Solo.
You are of course correct that it's an apple vs oranges type comparison so the only comparison is coolness. Kirk wins! But coolness is subjective so to each their own.

Two quibbles though (wouldn't be me if I didn't quibble)

1. If flying were a factor, it would have to be a Sulu vs Solo or an Enterprise vs Millennium Falcon competition.

2. "Kirk has the women, (though I am betting Han had a few in every port)" - There's no evidence of that in any film, so we have to assume no, not yes (Occam's razor).

kallamis said...

Very true Dave, and you are correct. It would be Sulu vs Solo, and frankly that is a race (in the same ships) that I would love to see.
And I just went by Han being a smuggler here. They aren't known for keeping things in the drawers exactly you know.
And yeah, I was being nice about Affleck. But he did make a decent DDF, but in the looks only. As for what happened to the part, well, someone should be slapped silly for that movie.
In truth, I say he had his chance at super hero stardom, and he failed. Or at least the director, writers etc failed, which I also found to be true in that movie. Basically, I blame everyone involved with DD. But at least it was better than that made for TV Doctor Strange movie they did back in the 70's. As an old and committed Dr. Strange man myself, well, lets just say I have yet to decide if that one will ever be part of my collection here. I love bad movies, but downright horrible and disgustingly screwed up movies are a whole other bag of chips. And that was beyond horrible in every sense of the word.
It was like that movie, Dragonball The Magic Begins. Basically the only thing actually resembling my Dragonball, are a few names in there. It was as bad as that DB Evolution was. Or Airbender for that matter.
Maybe one day someone will give me a copy like they did DB Evolution. Then I'll have it. But as for paying anything more than maybe a dollar for it at a yard sale somewhere, i just don't see it happening.
And read this, copied directly. It's enough to make you run amok.
In a recent convention James Marsters was asked if a new live action Dragon Ball movie would be made anytime soon. He simply replied that he enjoyed Dragonball Evolution and would love for a sequel, and also noted with the new animated movie releasing soon (Battle of Gods) 20th Century FOX did inquire the cast about returning for Dragonball 2. However we can’t find the original source so take this as a fake. It should also be noted that the entire cast are signed onto two more Dragonball movies after DBE.
Can I just Spirit Bomb this planet now and get this torture over with forever? Please let the sequel stuff be all nonsense. I don't even want to see a reboot after what they did with the first time.