Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mysterious Moon Dust

Any of the Apollo astronauts that forayed to the Moon's surface must have had run in with the sticky, abrasive, and gunpowder-scented moon dust.  However no matter how many times we heard about it, nothing quite does it up than this pic of Apollo 17s Gene Cernan covered for all the world with what looks like coal dust.

The dust is purported to be so abrasive as to be able to dig its way through Kevlar of all things!

The Scientific American article describes how the material came into being and describes the dust's characteristics as well.  

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kallamis said...

Not surprised by how it can dig through kevlar. Anything that small, that has those nano filaments in it could dig it's way through nearly anything given enough time and enough dust. I wonder how it would do for a sanding compound. Or in this case, maybe a grinding compound.