Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Pirate Cinema Cory Doctorow

Pirate Cinema has won the Libertarian Science Fiction Society's Prometheus Award!

Cory has taken fair use and spun it on it's head.  In a not to distant future or a parallel present the entertainment giants control all entertainment works and any non licenced  use is met with massive fines and penalties.  Trent (Cecil) is thrown into the maelstrom by practicing his love of remixing videos of his favorite actor, but even Trent can not envision the machination put into play or his part in them....

Doctorow has played with this theme in a limited fashion before, but Pirate Cinema is his tour de force of the entertainment industry gone mad.......

Cory plays the small personal interactions and rounds out his characters while at the same time building a truly alarming larger than life "shark" even Benchley would be proud of. 

You should not be fooled by the Creative Commons designation of this novel.  Pirate Cinema is a fast read and one that is not easily put down.  Definitely well worth the read.   Available as a Creative Commons download which has the non derivative not for profit designation.   Link for down load of a free e-copy If you wish to purchase a pay-for e-copy

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