Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Booster Gold' New Syfy Series?

Hey, comic book fans.... have you heard that the character Booster Gold is heading towards a meeting with the SyFy channel with a series in the offing.

Not really being up on the minor players in the DC universe I had to check who this Booster Gold was. The Booster Gold character is from the future and it seems he is known as "Booster" for his shameless self promotion. He uses his knowledge of future events to make himself into a "hero". Even when he becomes someone of real powers, it is difficult for other heroes to take his at all serious.

He was created in 1986 for DC Comics by Dan Jurgens.

Airlock Alpha writes:
  • There is no casting information available as of yet for the pilot, but it's unlikely that Eric Martsolf, who played Booster Gold on "Smallville," will make the move over. (pictured)

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