Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Stunning San Fran Time Lapse Taken In 3D

As the author of the article says in DIY Photography, you don't often seen stop motion films, finished and ready to display but this is such a good piece of work, one can hardly blame them for showing it. And there is nothing saying you could not build the rig yourself anyway! Soooooooo.... Here, Peter Chang used an array of Canon 5D Mark IIs and motion control sliders to capture both indoors and outdoors time-lapse scenes in 3D. The page lists links to both 2d and the 3d work. The 3D is just fractionally off which makes portions seem a bit jarring, but for the most part it really is astounding.

Here is the YouTube 3d

click on the article title for the 2d version.

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