Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fire-Fly Fans - New Serenity Model available

Eoghann confirms that if you are a Fire-Fly fan and haven't got a couple of kilobucks to spare on huge models of Serenity then this 1:400th scale model might just be what will keep you happy through the dark months. This newest model is a hair under 100 and is still wonderfully detailed for the modest outlay.

As QMonline puts it: Smaller, But Still Plucky as Ever. As you can see in the pic - not off the mark at all. Qmxonline.com says that this unique item will be available in December of 2011 and if that is not exciting enough....check out some of the product description:
  • about 8 inches long – out of dozens of parts, some as small as a millimeter. Her intricate design matches the Firefly TV series version of the ship in every detail: She was created using the show's actual CG files.

Now that is what I call sweet!

Info here

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