Monday, October 03, 2011

Researchers Bomb Human Disease With Rockets!

Honest! This is exactly how the Gizmodo article read:
  • researchers have invented a platinum and peroxide-fueled "nanorocket" that could propel through your blood, saliva, or urine to deliver medicine precisely where disease is happening.
Oh and the one thing you should know..the delivery system has not been safety checked yet either...

But the rocket, now that is another thing all together! Check it...
  • scientists created a nanorocket engine with tubes coated on the inside with platinum. Then they placed the tubes in a hydrogen peroxide solution, which initiated decomposition of the peroxide into water and oxygen. As a result, bubbles shot out one end of the tube, creating thrust.
Now come on! If that is not the most far out thing you have heard today?!

Check out the short film


Anonymous said...

Where will Raquel Welch sit?

Beam Me Up said...

He he ! are we talking realistically or are we going for full on grade school boy wish fulfillment?

Great thought provoking interest there anon! it!