Friday, October 21, 2011

Did all life on Earth Almost End Recently?

Remember hearing about that group of comets, back in August of 1883? They were so huge and coming in so close that folks were taking out comet insurance. Mexican astronomer José Bonilla, observed 447 objects passing in front of the sun over two days. But this huge amount of material could not be found by any other astronomers. Or even be seen, they suggested all form of fauna and flora that could have been miss read. What Bonilla observed were actually fragments of a massive, billion-ton comet, and the reason that no one else was able to observe the objects is that they passed so close to the Earth!

Calculations show that the ultra massive object passed between 300 to 5000 miles above the surface!!

From the Gizmodo article:
  • The impact at Tunguska was by moderate estimations about 15 megatons, or 1,000 times more powerful than Hiroshima. 3,275 of those bombarding the planet over two days would likely be, as the authors of the paper put it, "an extinction event."


Anonymous said...

How odd then that the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa began in May 1883 and culminated with the destruction of Krakatoa on 27 August 1883.

Anonymous said...

err... when is it due back I wonder?

Beam Me Up said... know...I seriously hope not!

Anonymous said...

Due back? Dec. 21 2012 (^;

Anonymous said...

Ever miss a train by a minute? Might as well miss by a hour. You still missed it.

Beam Me Up said...

Oh anon...that is evil!

Beam Me Up said...

It really is a matter of degree Anon.
with your series of events, it is mild disappointment that you missed the train.

In truth It would be more like your having a nice picnic on a long dead train track. But SURPRISE there is indeed a quarter mile freight coming and no one will believe you. In a panic you pick up the fixins only to have the train blast slam you hard with parts of the train barely skinning past you.

No a minute but fractions of a second.