Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beam Me Up Episode 285 - Watts & Davies

Welcome to the program this week. This is episode 285. I had started out with the idea that I would run just the second half of this week’s story: The Things, by Peter Watts, then go on to the blog for news. But then I remembered the excellent Halloween story that I ran last year from the very talented author Colin P. Davies called appropriately enough Happy Halloween.

In Part 2 of The Things, the creature comes to realize the horror of just the type of beings he is dealing with. Horrifying creations that violently react when faced with anything that changes. Creatures that never change, born and die with the same shape and can not imagine anything different. Important information yes, discovered at great cost and quite possibly much much to late.

In our second story, Happy Halloween by Colin P. Davies, many strange happenings have started to happen in Dan’s world. Unnatural happenings, dangerous happenings. Since his mother had left, Dan’s world had become bleak but now it seemed that some mysterious force was trying to do more that make life miserable, no now something wanted him dead. Happy Halloween is read by CrystalWizard and produced by Cyberstudios and I will guarantee that you will be hard pressed to find a better Halloween story this month.

And that is it! All stories this week and nothing more. Just things that go bump in the night. Enjoy!

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