Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Will The Universe Ever Truly End?

Hey, ready to get your mind twisted? Ok, here we go.

It has been observed that the universe is expanding and at the edge of the universe the expansion is accelerating. Astronomers have extrapolated this accelerating expansion to such a point that at some point in the vastly distant future all matter will so separated that everything stops as all energy is used up.

Well Roger Penrose in a word calls this view boring, matter of fact, incredibly boring. He wrote in
Cycles of Time: An extraordinary new view of the universe:
  • the only remaining particles will be massless
This would take place because the standard theory says that the acceleration would continue and the mass of everything approaches infinity which for all intents is the same as saying that if everything is infinite mass then mass loses meaning or all is massless and therefor traveling at the speed of light. Well we know what happens when mass approaches infinite as related to space/time.... yep time slows and at some point if acceleration continues....stop or at least lose all meaning.

Read Roger Penros's exerpts here
and I also see links there if you're brave enough...

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