Monday, October 31, 2011

Petman: Boston Dynamics New Humanoid Test Platform

Hey, check out this video of PETMAN from Boston Dynamics. You know, the makers of that whacked quadruped Big Dog? Now they have this full body sim. No, it's not for fighting (yeah right, I think Skynet would have something to say about know, minigun here, rocket launcher there....and you are well on your way to a t-500 or maybe even a 800 series....) But as the Dvice article puts it:
  • engineers are using this ..... hardware to (test) chemical suits that could protect military personnel from attack
Not only can it simulate body movements but it:
  • is able to simulate sweating, respiring and changes in body temperature.
Check out the unit in action below and you can read the complete Dvice article here

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