Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Portal 2 Lab Rat inspired animation

Not being into Portal 2, I may be way off base here, but this seems to be about the flat out saddest video for a game I have ever seen. I was going through some articles on topless robot and came across this downer.

Here is what the text said:
  • It's based on the Portal 2 comic Lab Rat, about the lone surviving Aperture Science scientist whose responsible for writing all the %$#@ on the walls that Chell sees during the first game, as well as making sure GlaDOS didn't kill her between games.
As you can guess, I have but for mood, the video is a mixture of claymation and other disciplines which gives it an odd and weird feel. Music dure doesn't lighten the mood either. check it out.


John said...

... There... Is... No... Cake.

Beam Me Up said...

that made me sad John...