Monday, August 01, 2011

Crop circles physics, not aliens?

If you lean towards crop circles being made by mysterious beings or some other form of ahem power might get some mileage from this Yahoo News article sent in by Tim Sayell.

Researcher Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon has found that some of the structures seem to rule out traditional tools often said to be involved in creating the circles. From the article:
  • Taylor contends that in the modern age, planks and ropes (to flatten plants) and even bar stools to jump from one area to another undetected, are just too cumbersome to produce results (in so short a time ed)
  • Instead, he argued that latter-day crop-circle (producers ed) use high-tech gadgets such as GPS monitors to place the shapes and magnetrons (tubes that use electricity and magnetism to generate intense heat) to cause the crop stalks to fall over at high speed.
Tim says he especially likes the Australian explanation:
  • some formations in Australian poppy fields have been blamed on wallabies. Yes, those kangaroo-like animals apparently eat the legally grown opiate, become "high as a kite," and hop around to create their own circle work.
read the complete article here


Anonymous said...

... Of all the explanations, I have ever heard, That's the silliest.

Reality check: Someone would actually use high tech, expensive equipment to make .... patterns in corn fields. maybe once or twice .. just as a fraternity house trick ... but .. come on .... I would better believe weather balloons....

Beam Me Up said...

Oh I know Anon! That didn't even come close to passing the BS filter! I knew you people would love this!

Next time they should just admit they were using quantum wormholes! OMG! lmao